Analysis Game Aviator by Yourself

The Aviator game is an unique offer from the Georgian brand Spribe, based on a random number generator. If in slots, players are familiar with the generator helps to form combinations of symbols, then in Aviator, all the attention is around the airplane. The higher it flies up, the higher the coefficient and amount of wins each player can get. And if for an ordinary casino user, Aviator is just simply an opportunity to test luck, then for experienced players, it is an opportunity to apply mathematical analysis to increase the number of winning bets to cash out later.

Despite the declared random number generator, which should randomly generate the results of draws, many players notice an uneven distribution of coefficients in the statistics of the machine. So, for example, during 10 draws, an aircraft can fly 6 times to a coefficient of 2.0, 4 times to a mark of 5.0, and only once fly higher, where the final coefficient can be equal to 100. Observing the formation of the results, some players decided to apply mathematical analysis — the possibility of calculating future odds for launches using certain patterns in the operation of the random number generator. Next, we will consider whether Aviator game analysis, which is based on mathematics, works and what calculation options are currently available on the Internet.

Analysis Aviator Crash Game

How Do Mathematical Analysis of Aviator Game

Before conducting Aviator game data analysis, let’s pay attention to the formation of the chain of results in the game. As we said earlier, it is possible that for 10 bets only one can show a coefficient that can step over the mark of 5.0. If you rely purely on statistics, then we can conclude that it is enough to place all bets, including free bets, on 2.0, and then you will be in the black. But this opinion would be wrong. Let’s look at the reason why. Despite the transparent statistics of the results, it is not so easy to calculate future draws.

The developers from Spribe have put into the gambling machine a house edge for the casino of only 1%. This is a very low figure compared to other casino games, but it is offset by the number of draws and participants who can bet at the same time. In total, during the game, you will have three options for the result:

  1. Win. For example, you bet odds 1.6 on a draw, and the result was formed at around 2.1. By betting $1, you can only win 60 cents net;
  2. Losing. You bet $1 at odds of 4.0, but the plane took off at around 1.55 — the bet is lost;
  3. Draw. A rather rare practice in a game where the player does not lose or win based on the results of the draw.

Mathematical Analysis of Aviator Game

As a result, if we apply mathematical Aviator analysis, then we can reach the following indicators in total in the future:

(Probability of winning) x (Amount of winning for 1 bet) — (Probability of Losing) x (Amount of losing for 1 bet) = 0.5 x 1.6 – 0.5 = 0.

But here, it is worth understanding that this calculation is made in the condition of an ideal set of circumstances for the player when there will always be a big win behind a sequence of failures. But in practice, this model does not always work.

In addition to mathematical calculations, you can also use Aviator game strategies such as:

  1. Minimum risk strategy. Limit yourself to the choice of coefficients at the level of 1.2-1.3 because, as statistics show, the aircraft overcomes this barrier much more often. But to earn a large amount in such a strategy, you will have to place much more bets than if you bet with odds of 2.0 or higher;
  2. Moderate risk strategy. It is similar to the previous one, but on the condition that now the constant coefficient is set at around 2.0 to 3.0;
  3. Maximum risk strategy. Choose odds of 50.0 or more, and sooner or later, you will have a win in your pocket.

Adding to all these calculations, we ensure you 100% fairness of the game thanks to its “Provably Fair” technology. You can check it in the game history.

Aviator Game Strategies

Nuances in the analysis of the Aviator Game

As in any online casino game, by launching Aviator, it is impossible to calculate all subsequent draw results. The Aviator game is considered an excellent choice if you are planning a short game. Next, we will look at the main nuances that can break the whole mathematical calculation and, as a result, the calculated chances of winning:

  1. In a game where the draw starts 5 seconds after the end of the previous one, it can be difficult to concentrate and calculate the next bet;
  2. In practice, the Aviator game analysis may not always be true because it should be based on relatively stable indicators. When playing Aviator, 10–15 draws can end with low odds, and then the plane can fly up to 50 or more, breaking all formulas and strategies;
  3. Despite the declared 1%, which is considered the casino’s profit in this game, it will be more. 1% is an average based on the calculation of a huge number of bets. Accordingly, making 20, 40, or even 100 bets, this indicator is unlikely to be equal to 1%.

Nuances that can break the whole mathematical calculation Aviator Game


Aviator is a game that, due to the Crash game model, attracted the attention of many fans of mathematical analysis. Today, if you search on the Internet for featured articles and player reviews, you can find many options and formulas that should help calculate the results of draws. But, as practice shows, almost all of them are designed for the player to make a huge number of bets in a row (at least 1000). But in practice, it is unlikely that any of the players will make such a huge number of bets in a row. To start to play Aviator, the required minimum amount of funds may not be enough to make a significant profit. Therefore, players are increasingly encouraged to use not mathematical analyzes but ordinary gaming strategies. One of these is the Martingale strategy.

It is popular for both sports betting fans and slot fans. Its essence is as simple as possible. Having bet in the first draw, for example, 1 dollar and lost it, your next bet should be increased by 2 times. And so on until you win. Thus, you will not only win back the loss but also go to the plus. But this strategy also has a minus — you need to start with the minimum bets because a series of failures can drag on, and then you will need a large amount of money in your account to catch a winning draw. But, unlike mathematical formulas, this strategy is as simple as possible to understand, and you can start using it from the start of the game in Aviator.

Also, don’t forget that you can test all the strategies and mathematical analysis by playing the demo version of Aviator. To launch it, you will not even need to  be a registered casino user and replenish your account. All draws are for free coins. But the advantage of the demo version is the fact that its functionality is no different from the real money game mode.

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What are the Game Strategies that can increase the chances of winning?

To increase your chances of winning in the Aviator game, you can use strategies with minimum, moderate, or maximum risk (different by the value of the coefficient that is always chosen for bets), as well as the basic Martingale strategy.

How Analysis of possible situations and their impact on the gameplay?

The main factor here is the statistics of the previous odds. A series of the last 10-15 draws will show the trend of subsequent draws. If, during the last 10 bets, the odds did not exceed 2.0, then you should expect a high result.

What is the Optimal tactic for bankroll management in the Aviator game?

The best bankroll management tactic is not to bet big. In this case, you will be able to increase the number of draws in which you can take part. Thus, it will be possible to apply both mathematical analysis and various formulas, as well as basic game strategies.

What is the probability of winning the Aviator game and the effect of various factors on it?

With the right approach to the statistics of past draws, the probability of winning in the game Aviator can be as high as possible. But this applies to players who choose small odds for bets. Fans of a risky game will get winnings less often, but their amount will fully pay off all the player’s expectations.