Download Aviator App for Android & iOS

The aviator game app is a new way to experience the famous crash game. With the help of dedicated software, it is possible to control the flight of the plane by using the touch screen of a smartphone or tablet. But to get an application for Android or iOS, it is essential to learn a bit more information on the installation process because it is different for each specific operating system. This guide provides information on how to download this software from the official website and how to use it to enjoy gameplay on the go.

Aviator Application for Mobile devices

How to Play Aviator for Money on the Phone?

The main principles of playing the Aviator betting game app are identical to the desktop version. The formula is pretty straightforward:

  • Open the Aviator game;
  • Get familiar with the control panel of the aircraft;
  • Specify the amount of money that should be placed at stake;
  • Tap on the bet button to get the plane in the air;
  • Tap on the cash-out button to stop the gaming session before the plane crashes.

The main objective of the casino player is to stop the online game at the correct point, right before the plane crashes. It is that simple, with the only difference of the mobile version being the opportunity to play the game with the help of the sensor display. Before playing, it is better to learn the main requirements of the operating systems and how to download a particular version of this software.

Play Aviator Game on your Phone

Why is it Worth Downloading the Aviator Application?

It is always a good idea to practice the game before playing it in a real session for real money. By having its native application installed on a mobile device, players can dive into the game itself and develop game skills at their fingertips. They can do it by downloading the app from the Spribe official website or a trusted online casino, top 8 of them are:

Download the Aviator app from the official Spribe site

Devices Available for Playing Aviator

Before the gambler want to download Aviator game, it is essential to learn on what devices it is currently available. There should be no problems at all because the range of supported gadgets is wide:

  • PC (Windows);
  • Mac OS;
  • iOS (iPhones with iOS 11.0 and newer);
  • Android (Smartphones or tablets with Android 5.0 or newer);
  • iPadOS (iPads with iPadOS version of 11.0 or newer).

This is the complete list of all devices officially supported by the Aviator game app download. But it is also significant to point out that depending on which device the gambler will use to play the game, the process of installing the software will be different.

On what devices is the game Aviator available

Download the Aviator App on Your Phone for Android or iOS

The leading operating systems for which this app was developed in the first place are Android and iOS. Both of these operating systems are pretty good in terms of performance. And it is recommended to learn more about how the best Aviator game app can be downloaded on a particular operating system. There is nothing complicated because, unlike in the case of slots, it is possible to use official sources instead of third-party websites.

Download the Aviator App for Android and iOS

Download Aviator APK for Android

There is no reason to download the Aviator game APK from third parties websites because developers provide the official gambling software on the Google Play Market. Follow a few simple steps to download Spribe Aviator game app:

  1. Open the Google Play Market;
  2. Right at the top, tap on the search bar area;
  3. Type in the name of the game and start the search;
  4. Choose the official Aviator apk file (Spribe application) from the list of available options;
  5. You can also contact the official customer support of the company to get a link to their app.

Aviator App Android is free to use. The only software limitation is the need for Android 5.0 or newer. 

Download Aviator game APK on the Google Play Market

Download Aviator for iOS (iPhone)

Users of iPhones can download the official application by going through a few simple steps:

  1. Open the App Store;
  2. Click on the search bar at the top of the page;
  3. Type in the name of the app in the search;
  4. Choose the correct application from the list of available options;
  5. In case of problems with finding the app, it is possible to contact the customer support team for a link.

The players can enjoy the app for free. The only software requirement is iOS 11.0 or newer.

Download Aviator on App Store

How to Download Aviator on PC?

There is no native version of the Aviator game for PC with the Windows operating system, but it is possible to use the Aviator game APK download for Android with the emulator. The process of downloading the Aviator application for desktop looks like this:

  1. Open the Google search engine;
  2. Type in the name of the game with “PC download” keywords;
  3. Download the APK file with the emulation and start the installation.

This application version will work on Windows 7, 8, 10, or even Windows 11.

Download Aviator Game on PC

Aviator Demo Version

What makes the Aviator game download more engaging is its availability in a demo version. Thus, players can get some practice before placing real money bets. They get access to Aviator free game without signing up for the online casino. The game rewards players with virtual money they use to place bets and learn more about the game rules.

Aviator Demo Free Game

Where is the best place to play Aviator – an application on a smartphone or a desktop computer?

Many people may not have enough time to try out both application and desktop versions. Therefore, gamers should know which option is the best for them. Both of these options have their pros and cons, which are specified in the table below. 

Aviator Game: App VS Desktop version

WebsiteMobile BrowserMobile Application
The desktop version is perfect for those who would like to enjoy the full version of the Aviator game without the need to download any kind of software. All elements of the interface fit on one screen without any limits.This version is good for people who like to play on the go but cannot download the official app due to hardware or software limitations. It does not require any APK files or accounts from Google or Apple. The only thing that gamblers should do is open the game through a standard browser. It will automatically adapt to the resolution of the screen.The main benefit of the mobile application is the ability to enjoy every bit of content of the original website version, with all interface elements being preloaded. That means gamblers will need less internet speed to play the real money game at its full potential for all Android or iOS users.

Why Aviator App doesn’t Work Correctly or Downloads with an Error 

Managing any type of application, some issues or errors might emerge. The same things can happen to using the best Aviator game app in India. So let’s look at the common issue and errors with the Aviator app and how to solve them.

  • When launching the Aviator app, the screen is black/ blank/ white. Try to sign in again. If nothing changes, reboot your mobile device. Make also sure it is completely charged;
  • Error in connection/ server/ download pops up. Check the Internet/ Wi-Fi connection. If the problem is related to the server or the download itself, you need to try it again later;
  • The app update doesn’t occur or is carried out incorrectly. Make sure your Internet connection works properly and there is enough space in your device’s memory storage;
  • There is a problem with the app Aviator game download. In addition to the steps mentioned in the previous problem, ensure the app supports OS’s version.

Possible problems and errors in the Aviator app


Do I need to register separately in the app?

No, there is no need for a separate account to enjoy the mobile Aviator game download application.

Do I Have To Pay To Install a Mobile App?

No, this application is completely free on all available devices.

The app can’t be installed, what should I do?

If it is impossible to install the app, it is recommended to check if the device has the correct version of the operating system. If everything is fine, contact the developers, they will provide the information on the best solution to this problem.

Can I Make a Deposit in a Mobile app?

Yes, it is possible to deposit with a mobile application, as there is a separate section dedicated to finances.