Play Aviator Game at Betplay Casino

Betplay Aviator game is among top reasons on why people are excited for this brand that was launched in 2020. It was among the first websites that allowed people to use the Bitcoin Lightning network in order to play Aviator for real money. This is an incredible opportunity, because the unique gameplay of the title has a very powerful attraction for modern players. It is impossible to ignore the opportunity to enjoy a very simple gameplay of a plane that must be stopped by the player right before the crash is about to happen. 

Here are a couple of reasons on why it is recommended to give the Betplay Aviator game a chance:

  • Opportunity to make bets in crypto. This is one of the rare examples of when a crash game is available with bets in crypto. 
  • Nice work on mobile phones. Despite the lack of a native application for iOS, it is possible to convert the website into an app on the home screen of an Apple device and enjoy the simple gambling process on the go. 
  • A big number of players. Thanks to the popularity of this online casino as a brand, there are a lot of active players of this title and the leaderboard keeps updating with every next day. 

Betplay Aviator is a safe choice for people, who have always wanted to experience this title. There are going to be no issues with that, because the website works and looks great. 

Aviator Crash Game at Betplay Online Casino

Hits and Misses

Despite the overall formula of the Aviator slot game remaining the same for all casinos, the gaming experience can vary, depending on some aspects of the website itself. But every online casino has its own pros and cons, so Betplay is no different. Here are top advantages that makes this place so special for Aviator game fans:

  • Fast crypto transactions. This website is one of the most innovative in terms of crypto transactions, which makes them super fast and without any additional fees. For this reason, the payout rate of x50000 that the Aviator game has, will be felt even more impressive. 
  • A big enough community of players. The community of the Betplay casino keeps growing and is about to become one of the biggest in terms of crypto gambling websites. For this reason, it will be relatively easy to find people on casino forums that would be happy to share their experience with this game. 
  • Ability to play for free. This website will not force the gambler to register an account immediately. It is possible to enjoy the game for free first and only then decide if the sign up will be worth it. 

But while there are a lot of hits, there are also misses:

  • This is a game of chance. No online casino, including this one, can guarantee that every bet placed in the Aviator game is going to end up being the winning one.
  • No extra specials. It is impossible to find promotions that would be tied to this game. For this reason, it can be difficult at times to multiply the winnings. 

The overall experience with the Aviator game at Betplay Casino should be fine. It is one of the best places to start playing it really fast. 

Advantages of Betplay Casino

How to Start Playing Aviator Game at Betplay Online Casino

To start playing Aviator Game at Betplay Casino, gamblers need to go through a couple of really easy steps:

  • Create an account. This includes the completion of registration and verification processes. 
  • Make a deposit. Before accessing the game, it is very important to fund the account with real money to receive Aviator cash down the road.
  • Navigate to the Aviator Game. Once your account is funded, navigate to the Aviator game in the casino lobby. The game is usually located under the “Specialty Games” section. Click on the Aviator icon to launch the game.
  • Place Your Bets. The next step is to place your bets and enjoy the gameplay. 
  • Cash Out. The player does not need to wait long for the game to finish, because it is possible to quit the game at any moment of the gambling session. 

The only part of the experience that may look a little frustrating for people is the verification. It is important to look at how the full sign up procedure looks like in the case of Betplay. 

Start Playing Aviator Crash Game at Betplay Casino

Registration for Playing Aviator

The only way to get access to the full version of Aviator at Betplay Casino is by registering an account. Here is an instruction of how to complete the registration:

  • Visit the website. Start by visiting the website on your web browser.
  • Click on the “Register” button. On the homepage, you will see a “Register” button. Click on it to begin the registration process.
  • Provide your personal details. You will be directed to a registration form where you will need to provide your personal details such as your name, date of birth, email address, and phone number. Make sure to enter accurate information, because it is important for verification. 
  • Create a username and password. Once you have provided your personal details, you will need to create a username and password for the sign up.
  • Verify your email address and phone number. After creating your account, you will receive an email with a verification link. Provide some documents that would verify your identity. 

With your account being registered, login into it and start playing.

Betplay Casino Sign Up Process

Account Verification Process

Here are a couple of steps that must be done in order to verify the account:

  • Log in to your account;
  • Click on the “My Account” button in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select the “Verify Account” option from the dropdown menu.
  • Provide your personal information, including your full name, date of birth, and address.
  • Upload a copy of your government-issued ID, such as a passport or driver’s license.
  • Submit your information and wait for to review your account.

Typically, the verification at BetPlay does not take more than 1 business day to complete. Once it is finished, players can withdraw their winning cash at any moment. 

Verification process for Betplay Casino

Betplay Aviator Demo Version

It is possible to play Betplay’s Aviator crash game for free with the demo version. Very easy to do with only a couple of steps:

  • Open the official website of the online casino Betplay; 
  •  Go to the catalog with games and search for “Aviator”;
  • Open the page with the game and launch it;
  • Choose the demo mode, instead of placing a bet;
  • Use virtual currency to play the game and try out different strategies risk free.

This is it – you can even skip the registration and dive into the gameplay of the Aviator. But aware than in this mode, you are not able to gain real money profits. You will receive virtual credits only. 

Betplay Aviator Fun mode

Strategies for Crash Aviator Game

There are a couple of really popular strategies of how to win in the crash Aviator game:

  • Two simultaneous bets strategy. Suppose a player enters a crash game and decides to use the two simultaneous bets strategy. The player places a small bet on the crash game’s multiplier at the beginning of the round, for example, 1 EUR. The player then also places a larger bet on a number close to the starting multiplier, for example, 10 EUR on a multiplier of 1.1. If the multiplier crashes before it reaches 1.1, the player will lose the larger bet but still win the smaller bet, meaning they will break even. If the multiplier reaches 1.1 or higher, the player will win the larger bet, and potentially much more, while still winning the smaller bet.
  • D’Alembert strategy. Suppose a player begins with a starting bet of $10 in a crash game. The player decides to use the D’Alembert strategy and increases their bet by 10 EUR for each loss and decreases it by 10 EUR for each win. In the first round, the player’s bet of 10 EUR loses as the multiplier crashes at 1.2x. Following the D’Alembert strategy, the player increases their bet by 10 EUR for the next round and bets 20 EUR. If the player loses again, they will increase their bet to 30 EUR for the next round. The idea behind the D’Alembert strategy is to gradually increase the bet after losses, which can help recoup previous losses, and decrease the bet after wins, which can help minimize future losses.
  • Martingale strategy. Let’s say you’re playing a crash game where the multiplier starts at 1x and increases every second until its “crashes” and returns to 1x. Your goal is to bet on when you think the multiplier will crash, and if you are correct, you win your bet multiplied by the current multiplier. With the Martingale strategy, you start by placing a small bet on the current round. If you win, you collect your winnings and start over with another small bet on the next round. However, if you lose, you double your bet on the next round in an attempt to recoup your losses. You keep doubling your bet until you win, at which point you return to your original small bet size.

Despite these strategies are providing very good results for the most part, they still cannot give a 100% guarantee a winning. 

Betplay Aviator winning strategies

Tricks for Crash Aviator Game

At first it may seem like this title is hard to master, but the best strategy for Aviator game is to keep in mind different tricks and tips:

  • Start Slow. It is important to take your time and get familiar with the game mechanics before attempting to speed the flight. Take a few rounds to familiarize yourself with the controls and practice your timing.
  • Keep an Eye on different objects on the screen. Such elements, like the distance tracker and objects in the background can help you to understand when will be the perfect time to quit the game. 
  • Practice Timing. Timing is everything in Aviator. Practice the flight of the plane. This will help you to receive good payouts quickly and without crashes
  • Use the progressive betting system theory. It comes from bettors and gives an opportunity for people to start playing the game with a small bet of only 1 EUR and then increase it to 2 EUR, 4 EUR, 8 EUR up to the point when the gambler will be able to request a really big withdrawal. 
  • Take Breaks. Do not forget to take breaks when you need them. The game can be intense, and taking a few minutes to rest and regroup can help you stay focused and refreshed.

This is a very fast-paced game that can end up being exhausting for novice players. Be sure to manage money and combine different tricks during one gambling session to achieve great results. 

Tips and tricks for playing Aviator Crash

Payment Methods

Casino games are much funnier, when they are played with real money involved. To make a deposit or request a withdrawal, gamblers can use a number of different payment methods supported by Betplay Casino:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Bitcoin (Lightning Network);
  • Tron;
  • Ethereum;
  • Monero;
  • Dogecoin;
  • BNB;
  • Tether USDT.

All of these methods are cryptocurrencies and because of that – they do not have a minimum or maximum limitations for deposits. Operations are instant. If the gambler would like to make a withdrawal, it is possible to use following methods:

  • Bitcoin (Minimum withdrawal limit – μ₿ 5.00);
  • Ethereum (Minimum withdrawal limit – mE 5.00);
  • Litecoin (Minimum withdrawal limit – mL 10.00);
  • Binance Coin (Minimum withdrawal limit – 0.01 BNB);
  • Dogecoin (Minimum withdrawal limit – 25.00 DOGE);
  • Tether (Minimum withdrawal limit – 5.00 USDT);
  • Monero (Minimum withdrawal limit – 0.03 XMR);
  • Tron (Minimum withdrawal limit – 10.00 TRX).

No additional fees are applied for these payment methods. The processing time is instant for all methods. The maximum withdrawal limit per 24 hours period is 8000 EUR in cryptocurrency equivalent. 

Deposit and withdrawal at Betplay Casino

Promotions and Bonus Codes

To get the most out of playing games at Betplay Casino, gamblers just need to use all of the available promotions. Here is the list of top bonuses:

  • Welcome Bonus. Get a 100% first deposit match bonus with a maximum reward of 50000 mBTC, 10000 mLTC, 3000 DOGE or 200 mETH. The wagering requirement is x80 and a valid period is 7 days since the moment of activation. 
  • Cashbacks. Betplay provides daily and weekly cashback offers. To receive a daily rakeback, gamblers need to make deposits on every day of the week. For the weekly 10% cashback, gamblers need to spend more then 100 EUR in crypto equivalent within the last 7 days in order to receive a cashback on Thursday at 1 PM UTC. 
  • VIP Levels. There is a dedicated loyalty program for people who will play real money games on this website for a long enough period of time. There are 14 levels to progress to in total. As a reward for each level, there are bonus credits, Free Spins and weekly cash drops. 

In some online casinos it is also possible to activate some additional rewards by entering the bonus code, but in case of Betplay, there are currently no promotions that are available to activate this way. But even standard bonuses offer a pretty wide range of rewards. 

Betplay online casino bonuses

How to Download an App for iOS

Good news for Apple gadgets owners – it is possible to use the application for iOS, but it is not going to be a native one. The only way to get the app up and running on this operating system is by converting the website into an application. It can be done with only a couple of steps: 

  • Open the official website of the Betplay brand;
  • Click on the dedicated button at the bottom of the screen;
  • Follow the instructions inside of the Safari browser on iPhone or iPad;
  • The app will be added to the home screen and available to use as a dedicated software.

It is not a native application, but still a pretty good solution for those who would like to play on the go. 

Download Betplay mobile app for iOS

How to Download an Android App

In the case of Android devices, there is currently no official way to download the application as it was not yet developed. The only way that is currently supported is conversion of the site into the app via Google Chrome browser:

  • Open the official website of the Betplay brand via Google Chrome browser on a smartphone or tablet;
  • Click on the dedicated button at the bottom of the screen;
  • Follow the instructions inside of the Google Chrome browser on Android device;
  • The app will be added to the home screen and available to use as a dedicated software.

If the player wants to simply use the website on a mobile device, it can be done via any browser, because the website itself is well adapted to work on smartphones and tablets with Android operating system. 

Download Betplay mobile app for Android

Customer Help Service

Despite having a pretty good looking website and reasonable wagering requirements, people still may have problems with the Betplay Casino. The only way of solving them fast is by using the help from the officials of the site. The customer service is available 24/7 in two languages – English and French. There are currently no phone number support and social media pages, only live chat and email address. 

Live chatClick on the purple button in the bottom right corner of the site

The response time may vary, depending on a specific method, but for the most part it is around 1-3 minutes. 

Betplay Casino customer support

Frequently Asked Questions

What casino games does Betplay offer?

Betplay Casino offers access to all sorts of modern games, including slot machines, progressive jackpots, table games, live dealer games and specialty games.

How to win in the Aviator game?

To win in the Aviator developed by Spribe company, the player needs to be focused on the plane’s flight and stop the game right before a crash will happen. This is a random number generator game, which is why only a practice will help to have a better understanding how the flight works in this game.

Is Betplay casino legal or not?

Yes, it is a legal casino that operates as a foreign gambling company licensed by Curacao.

How to withdraw winnings from Betplay?

To withdraw winnings from Betplay Casino, gamblers need to open the banking page of the profile and choose a desired cryptocurrency to use for a withdrawal request. In case of bonus winnings, it is important to wager them first, before being able to cashout.