Crash Game Providers

Crash games are very popular among modern online casino users. But because of the incredible demand from players, there are just too many game providers who are developing good and bad titles. In order to focus attention only on the best crash games, it is recommended to read this guide and look at the list of most reliable companies. 

Crash Game Provider Companies

List of the Best Spribe Crash Game Providers

It is truly difficult to find at least one person that has not heard about crash games. Especially about the opportunity to play Aviator casino game – one of the pioneer software in the genre. Here is the list of most sufficient crash providers:

  • Spribe;
  • Betsolutions;
  • OnlyPlayCrash;
  • Digitain;
  • FunFair;
  • Inplaysoft;
  • BGaming.

It is time to look at each of these game providers in detail. 

The best Crash Game Providers

Spribe Crash Game Provider

Spribe is one of the reputable gaming companies in the online casino industry, particularly for their “turbo games,” or crash games. While they have some table games in their portfolio, Spribe is primarily focused on developing games for the next generation of players, and their games have been performing well in online casinos, including those that accept digital coins.

One notable aspect of Spribe’s software is the fair nature of the gaming solutions, which allows gamblers to check the fairness of a game they have played using the “Game History” feature. Spribe’s games also incorporate live elements that allow players to interact with stats and other players, which has made them popular among instant win gamblers around the world. Here is the list of impressive crash games of the company:

  • Aviator;
  • Mines;
  • Plinko;
  • Hotline;
  • HiLo.

Among them, one of the most popular slots casino games is The Aviator, which is loaded with interesting features, including auto bet and auto cash-out functions. Additionally, The Aviator has a live segment where players can chat with each other in real-time and view live statistics of bets being placed by other gamblers in the same game.

Crash Gaming Supplier Spribe


Established in 2016, Betsolutions was established with the goal of developing versatile software solutions that cater to the needs of every modern online casino gaming. Over the course of its operation, the company has already launched an extensive range of games. Like other game providers, it is committed to producing socially-conscious and equitable products that meet the diverse interests of all users. Among notable slot machines:

  • Wealth Inn;
  • Fruit Basket;
  • Buffalo Run;
  • Halloween Night;
  • The Wizard’s Castle.

The most popular and only crash game produced by the software supplier is Zeppelin – the fastest, simplest, and most lucrative rewarding game in this genre. People simply place their bets, wait for a successful Zeppelin flight, and collect their substantial winnings at their convenience! With a multiplier range that extends from 1.00 to infinity, play now and earn the biggest prizes with Zeppelin.

Crash Gaming Supplier Betsolutions


Onlyplay is a prominent provider of casino software that specializes in offering instant jackpot games. The company has been in operation since 2007 and has a wealth of experience in delivering HQ crash games. Over the years, Onlyplay has established partnerships with various license providers, which has bolstered its reputation as one of the most reliable game providers in the gambling industry. The portfolio of the company includes following titles:

  • F777 Fighter;
  • Crash Mines;
  • Dice;
  • Crash Cards.

One of Onlyplay’s popular crash games is F777 Fighter, which is similar to the Aviator game offered by other crash providers. In F777 Fighter, players place bets and can cash out after the plane has taken off. It is a high volatility game, with an RTP of 95%. Perfect software to download Aviator game APKand enjoy it on the go. This is because of the auto bet feature that allows players to place bets without doing pretty much nothing for a certain period of time. 

Crash Gaming Supplier OnlyPlay


Digitain is in the list of most popular Crash Games Providers, thanks to a portfolio of great games:

  • Rocketon;
  • Hi-Lo by Galaxsys;
  • Keno by Galaxsys;
  • Keno Express;
  • Blackjack by Galaxsys.

Rocketon is the most popular game from the company that offers fans of thrill and risk-taking an exciting experience. Popular among clients of online casinos all over the world, players place a bet before the rocket takes off and determine when to withdraw their earnings. However, the longer they hold out, the greater the reward, provided the rocket does not explode first. Before the rocket ascends, players place their bets with the hope of cashing out before it blasts off. An easy recommendation for any modern gambler. 

Crash Gaming Supplier Digitain


FunFair is among the top game providers that specializes in creating decentralized and fair gaming experiences for online casinos. Founded in 2017, FunFair is built on blockchain technology, which allows for transparent and secure transactions. Their platform offers a variety of popular casino games, such as slots, blackjack, and roulette, and most important – crash games. The portfolio of available titles is pretty impressive:

  • Hugo: Up & Away;
  • AstroBoomers Turbo;
  • Five Ball Fiesta;
  • The Wheel of Steal;
  • Cyber Hunter 2080.

The most famous title created by this company is Rocketeers: To The Moon. What makes this game unique is the social aspect. Players are constantly making a decision that impacts gambling sessions of other users. This gives a feeling that every next round is not going to feel like the previous one. Besides, it is built around digital coins, which makes it a perfect choice for modern gamblers. 

Crash Gaming Supplier FunFair


Inplaysoft is a prominent casino software provider that offers a wide range of cutting-edge solutions for the online gambling industry. The company is known for its high-quality products and exceptional customer support, which has earned them a solid reputation among online casino operators. The list of games produced by the company is great:

  • Rocket Crush;
  • Strongman;
  • Trading game.

Inplaysoft’s software solutions include a comprehensive casino management system, a wide selection of games for real money, including crash. The company’s software is designed to be user-friendly, reliable, and secure, ensuring a seamless gambling experience for both operators and players. The most popular game of the studio is Rocket. The gameplay is similar to other titles in the genre – player should predict if the crash is going to happen and cash out before it. 

Crash Gaming Supplier Inplaysoft


BGaming is in the list of the top tier Crash Games Providers for a reason. It offers a wide range of online gaming solutions. The company has a strong reputation in the iGaming industry, thanks to its innovative and high-quality crash titles that are designed to cater to different player preferences. There  are at least 2 popular games in this genre:

  • Space XY;
  • Rocket Dice.

One of the standout features of BGaming is its commitment to fairness and transparency. Both of the mentioned games are regularly tested by independent third-party auditors to ensure that they are fair and random. Additionally, the company has obtained licenses from reputable regulatory bodies, including the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

Crash Gaming Supplier BGaming