Aviator Game Testimonials from Real Players

Aviator is one of the most popular online slots of the Crash Games genre and is available in many online casinos. But due to the unusual functionality, not every player decides to play it. Many people prefer to launch classic slots and not take risks by launching novelties in the world of gambling. But as player reviews show, Aviator is worth it to be launched at least once by every casino player.

In general, if you look at the Aviator game reviews, the majority of reviews will be positive. Players appreciated the innovations in online casinos, as well as new opportunities for winning. Among the advantages that many players talk about are:

Aviator Reviews from Gamblers

Quick draws (on average, each plane launch takes 8–30 seconds, and breaks between rounds are 5 seconds).

The ability to play together with a large number of players at the same time, communicating with them via Live chat.

The ability to make two bets at once for one draw and each of them can be either fixed or controlled during the flight of the aircraft.

Availability of statistics with the results of the latest draws, as well as a table of records for the last time.

These are just some of the benefits that Aviator players are talking about. Sometimes you can find negative reviews, but they are usually associated with quick losses of players and dissatisfaction with this fact.

Feedback from Real Players Aviator

Below are the Aviator game testimonials, after reading which, you can add up your first impression of the online game. They will also help you better prepare for the game if you are a beginner. And when you open Aviator for the first time on a casino site, you will have fewer questions about the functionality and rules of the game.

Aviator Game Testimonials

I tried many slots, but I liked this game because here, you have the opportunity to control the gameplay. No need to wait and worry about how the drawing will stop in the slot. Here you can decide when to pick up the bet, and if you are lucky, you can count on a big win. I am still advised not to take risks here, but when I look at the table of records, sometimes I want to take a risk and try to achieve a high coefficient. I like the game.

John 5*

I don’t like to brag, but this is the first game where I was able to earn money. I like that there are no special restrictions. You can even skip rounds and watch how others play but take into account their results to predict new airplane launches. We can say that this is not just an ordinary boring game but a small game world inside an online casino.

Catherine 5*

Until a certain point, I was delighted with this game. Regular draws, the ability to make two bets at the same time, an interesting design and idea. I put 4 points, as there is a negative experience in playing with Aviator Prediction. On the one hand, the program helped me increase the number of winning bets, but on the other hand, it killed all interest and excitement. I just sat and pressed the buttons as the program indicated to me. Now it is difficult to rebuild because, on the one hand, an interesting game, and on the other hand, the possibility of big wins.

Thomas 4*

I don’t like bragging, but that’s where I won my first big win. I played in the Pin Up casino and, at some point, making about the fortieth bet in the evening, I decided to take a chance and win with a large coefficient. As I remember now – exactly 80. That’s how my dollar on the bet turned into 80 dollars in the account.

Harry 5*

I saw how this game was played on Twitch. I sat and watched for a long time and could not understand if everything was so simple and open. No random symbols or incomprehensible combinations in slots. Everything is too simple here. At first, I played one bet per round of 50 cents, and then I started to increase the amount. Now I have returned to the previous rates, but sometimes I play for two stakes at once, so there is more excitement and interest. I recommend this game to all lovers of new sensations in the casino.

Elizabeth 5*

When playing Aviator, I recommend finding the right online casino and not risking your money, as I did at the start. Now I play exclusively on the 1win website, and there are no problems either with the operation of the game or with the withdrawal of winnings. What pleasantly surprises me is that despite the possibility of winning more money, the casino offers additional bonuses that I could win even more. I have never seen anything like this, and I recommend both the casino and the Aviator game.

George 4*

I want to start my review with the fact that I do not often gamble. But then my boyfriend persuaded me to play, and I decided to try because recently he began to win big sums here during the evening. As a result, now I am almost a professional gambler myself, I have read strategies and formulas, and I try to use them during the game, and it seems that the result has even improved.

Eva 5*

My son got me into this game. I was surprised when I saw him playing a game on the casino site. Then he explained to me that he plays demo version for free. I decided to check out what attracted him so much to the Aviator. During the process, I noticed that the game is very colorful and quite easy to learn. A minimum of buttons and rules, but the result can sometimes be impressive. Now we are sitting and playing together, he is for free coins, and I am in the next room for real money.

Mike 5*

Everything I’ll tell you about was at the 1xbet casino. When I visited the site once, I was surprised that a certain game was added to the game, although the rest were divided into sections. Well, I thought maybe it was some kind of special offer and decided to give it a try. My decision was unmistakable. I am just delighted with the design and the number of successful bets that I have already made. Of course, I like to play Aviator safe and make small bets, with odds of 2 or less, but I have never had such performance in any slot.

Oscar 5*

I am a fan of this game. I like that today it is not so popular on the Internet, and you can not find it in all online casinos. And those brands that have added a game to the site have world-famous names. I have already played Aviator at PinUp, 1xbet, and MostBet and plan to continue testing this and other games in different casinos.

Thomas 5*

For me, the main thing is that in the game, the software is always licensed. I understand that I can lose and win, but the quality of the slot machine comes first for me. Playing in different casinos in Aviator, I can be sure that this software is licensed. I’ll show you how to check it. Take the online session number from the slot machine, go to the Spribe manufacturer’s website, and check it there. If the results match, then the software is licensed.

Charlie 5*

The game is very exciting and makes you take risks, and this is its main disadvantage. When playing slots, I didn’t have this – I set it to autoplay and just watched how the symbols were assembled into a combination. In Aviator, I quickly get tired of making small bets and start taking risks. Of all my attempts, almost every time lost everything. But once I hit the conditional jackpot, the odds were 93.44. Since then, I have not been so lucky anymore, but sometimes it turns out to win with odds of 10-15.

Sofia 4*

Aviator is one of the few games where I like everything – the design, functionality, and speed of the game. I never liked all these bonus multi-level rounds in slots, but just playing in ordinary old slots is very boring. Therefore, Aviator, for me, is a great game that I would recommend to absolutely everyone to play.

Andrew 5*

Not so long ago, I started playing Aviator, but I can say with confidence that this is one of the most interesting casino games that I have seen. I am surprised only by the number of players who can play this machine at the same time. But what is even more amazing is the ability to communicate with each other in live chat. This is not in any slot. It’s like a small social network for gambling fans – only here, you can also win money.

Lisa 5*

I never would have thought that this game has such simple rules. You just load the game, place a bet, wait for the plane to launch, and at some point, you take the bet. There is no such simplicity even in slots. I have already recommended this game to all my friends. And most importantly, you can start playing Aviator with a minimum investment, and due to low odds, you can quickly increase the amount on your account.

Jacob 5*