Responsible Gaming

AviatorGamePlay is a responsible organization that cares for its clients and their mental health. We realize that sometimes gambling can be addictive and if it is not controlled the player may cause harm to himself and the others. AviatorGamePlay acknowledges this problem and, in order to prevent it, our company has a strict Responsible Gaming Policy. We want our customers to have only the best experience with us, therefore we ask every player at AviatorGamePlay to be responsible and bet reasonably.

If you notice any signs of a gambling addiction, please be sure to contact our Customer Support immediately.

AviatorGamePlay Responsible Gaming

How to be a responsible gambler?

To be a responsible gambler means to always remember that gambling is, first of all, an entertainment and a way to have fun. Do not consider it your source of income, because this kind of thinking will lead you to ruin.

We gathered a list of tips for you to follow to avoid the possibility of gambling addiction:

Make sure to keep to these rules and gambling will bring you only pleasure with no negative consequences.

Potential red flags of gambling addiction

There are a few signs by which you can tell if the person has gambling addiction. If you or someone you know experience any of these signs, please seek help immediately:

This list can go on, but so far covers the main indications of a gambling problem.

Obtaining help

If you find yourself or any of the people you know showing signs of addictive behavior, make sure to contact any of following resources:

Do not hesitate to ask for help. These websites will lead you to qualified specialists that will provide you with professional and non-judgmental consultation and will help you overcome the addiction.

Protecting minors from Gambling

At AviatorGamePlay we stand against gambling of minors and don’t provide any services to them. Our Company has a strict policy regarding underage users: every client has to go through the verification process before getting access to our products. Sometimes a case occurs when a minor manages to register an account and complete verification with false data, but we always detect them. In this scenario, the account gets blocked right away, all the deposits are refunded and the winnings canceled.

As a parent, you can also help in restricting your child’s access to any gambling resources.