Terms and conditions

The AviatorGamePlay Terms and Conditions apply to our website and related services and define their basic rules.

The Terms and Conditions can be changed by our Company at any time. We will notify you about any important changes in advance. Before the changes are imposed, we might require you to confirm your acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions. You must stop using our services right away if you do not agree or have any objections to the changes. You must accept the changes and agree to the new Terms and Conditions, if you decide to continue using our services. There are some necessary requirements that we expect from you:

  • You do not act for any commercial purpose or for the benefit of others. All your actions are done solely on your own behalf as an individual;
  • You confirm that you are of legal age;
  • While making deposits and withdrawals, you will use only valid bank/credit cards;
  • Your country is not on the list of restricted ones.

AviatorGamePlay Company Terms and Conditions


To register an account with AviatorGamePlay, you must check the following requirements:

Restricted Use

You must not use our services if any of the following conditions is true:


We will keep your personal information in our database, reserving the right for us to use that information when necessary. When you accept the Terms and Conditions, you automatically agree to pass your personal information to us in exchange for providing you services.

Your account

As a Service provider, we have the authority to limit, refuse, close or cancel any bet at all times for any reason. If we detect a violation of the Terms and Conditions, we may suspend or close your personal account. We have the right to void or cancel any of the bets you place. In a case when your account gets credited by mistake, the money will remain ours.

Deposit of Funds

We have a number of available payment methods on our website and you can use any of them to fund your account. As a non-financial institution, we use third party payment processors to process debit and credit card deposits. All the deposits must be made in the currency you chose while registering the account. The deposited funds, in accordance with your account currency, will be credited to your account and held there.

Withdrawal of Funds

If you have any amount of money on your account, you can withdraw any part of it or all of it with the limit of maximum transaction amount (you can find the information about it on our website). All withdrawals, the same as deposits, must be made in the same currency you chose for your account while registering. In order to confirm and authorize your withdrawal request we may ask for some additional ID documents from you.


All transactions that are carried out on our website have to be verified. We do so to prevent any cases of terrorist financial activity or money laundering. Suspicious transactions will be detected and the relevant authorities will be notified, depending on the jurisdiction. AviatorGamePlay keeps the right to use merchant banks or external electronic payment processors to process any of your payments. You agree to the Terms and Conditions if they are notified to you in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

General Rules

All canceled or overturned wagers will not be considered after the end of the event. All the results will be determined in accordance with the betting rules set by the Company for each particular sport. The sport-specific rule can be overridden in case the general rule is violated.

We also determine all betting amounts for sports tournaments and have the right to change them without notifying the users in advance. The limits on personal accounts can also be changed by the Company.

Gambling By Those Under Age

AviatorGamePlay does not tolerate underage gambling and therefore has a strict policy against minors using our services. If at any point the company gets suspicious that the user is under the age of 18 years old, their account will immediately be suspended. Our next step in order to prevent further withdrawals or betting from suspicious account will be to figure out whether the user has wagered on behalf of a minor. If it is true, then all your deposits will be returned to you and all the winnings, active or pending, will be withheld.

Anti Money-Laundering and KYC Policy

AviatorGamePlay’s internal controls and policies are set in a way to comply with all counter-terrorist and anti-money laundering financing regulations. Our company has a strong commitment to prevent the use of our Services to support money laundering, financial crimes and terrorist financing. That is why we regularly update all our procedures, policies and internal controls to detect such criminal activity and alert the authorities.


Any user, suspected of dishonesty and fraud, will immediately face the contractual and criminal sanctions. All the payments and bets will be withheld or canceled. Additionally, as a cost, the Client will have to compensate the Company for all its losses, charges and costs (including loss of profit or reputation), incurred as a result of the Client’s fraudulent activity or criminal conduct.

Responsible Gaming Policy

Our Company fully realizes the dangers of gambling addiction and supports the policy of responsible gambling. We promote safe gambling among our users and use different resources to raise awareness and prevent negative gambling behavior. One of the AviatorGamePlay’s main priorities is to make gambling a safe space and shield the customers from any side effects of inordinate gambling by warning them about the problem and offering solutions to battle it if it’s needed.

Intellectual Property

The name and logo of our Company are officially registered trademarks and any violation of our rights to use them can lead to a lawsuit. It is forbidden for our customers to use their individual profiles to get a commercial gain. You cannot copy or monitor our content or websites, using any kind of hand-held or automated devices. You might be subjected to legal proceedings if you try to reproduce or illegally use our Services. If you decide to use your personal nickname as the account name, we have the right to return or remove it at our own volition in case you defame us in any way or try to cause confusion among the public or customers.